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Dear Sandra,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Regrettably I will not be able to
attend due to some conflicting commitments. I'm sure it will be a wonderful
event and worthy of Bill's remarkable commitment to CSF over the decades.
With best regards,
David Sahn

Thank you for this information. Please keep my name on the list so I can be advised
of the place and time.
Best regards....Gayl Ness
Dear Ms Arlinghaus,
Many thanks for your message below. Unfortunately I'm not able to attend
the coming CSF meeting, October 11. Best wishes to you all. Dr G. Acciarri.
Unfortunately I will still be in Europe.
Doug Daniels
Thanks for the invitation and followup. It looks pretty difficult to get to
AA for a weekend from Ecuador, even though I'd love to. If something drops
out of the sky, I'll be there but most likely, no. Thanks.
David Nelson
Dear Sandra,
We will not be attending the C.S.F. October meeting. Thanks for taking
time out of your schedule on Friday Sept 5th - Jayme and I