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Complaints and Apologies

Complaints and Apologies
Main points to consider when planning
a Letter of Complaint

a Letter of Apologies

The most frequent reasons for drawing
up a letter of complaint are
unsatisfactory service, a facility out of
order, poor quality of meals, rudeness of
staff members, etc. Complaints,
accordingly, need to be tailored to a
variety of situations.
When planning a letter of complaint you
a. refer to the reason concerned
b. point out the problem
c. solicit investigation
d. ask for a detailed answer

When planning a letter of apologies you
a. acknowledge receipt of client's
complaint (optional)
b. apologize for the inconvenience
c. express regret over the client's
d. promise the client accurate
investigation (optional)
e. report the outcome of investigation
f. provide a detailed report of
provisions undertaken to adjust the
g. offer to refund (optional)
h. express hope that the matter on hand
may not affect future relations.