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TO: Kristopher Lotier, Professor
FROM: Cathy Cunningham, Student
DATE: July 10, 2013
SUBJECT: Correspondence Pack Assignment Analysis
Correspondence Choices
For this assignment I choose to compose the following three options:
1. The complaint letter from a customer to a construction firm
2. An email from a customer service representative to her manager
4. A letter from customer service responding to the customer’s complaints
Strategic Writing Choices and Rationale
Each piece of correspondence required specific and deliberate writing adoptions.
For the complaint letter, I thought it was best to start off by complimenting the
company. This is because if I started off by diving into the problem at hand, then the
person reading it would be less likely to listen to my complaints. I also choose to
explain that I understood where the construction workers were coming from so that
I didn’t seem unreasonable. At the end of the letter, I took on the “You Perspective”
saying that the co