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Business Apology Letter Sample
Sarah Wells
ABC Marketing Manager
123 North Ridge Road
Chandler, AR 76920
John Smith
Business Solutions, Inc.
777 West Road
Chandler, AR 76920
September 3, 2015
RE: Reason for Missed Business Appointment
Dear Mr. John Smith,
First of all, I want to express my sincerest apology to you sir for missing our scheduled
appointment last Tuesday. I have no doubt that you were waiting and wondering about my
whereabouts and why I didn't show up for our appointment.
Unfortunately, I received an emergency phone call from my daughter's school due to an
accident she was involved in. Thankfully, she is now fine. However, at the time, this
important matter required immediate attention from me as her mother as you can surely
Please forgive me for not calling you on the same day as my daughter's accident, as
everything was so chaotic and even somewhat of a blur. However, I would like to move
forward with our plans and reschedule another appointment. Also, I hop