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Adjustment Refusal Letter
Adjustment Refusal Letter

Ramble Electronics
Spade Kent
Equipment Manager
P.O. Box 3132
Austin, TX 78703
(315) 565-6789
May 17, 2012
Ms. Kristy Bentley
Columbus, Ohio 45453
(315) 565-6789
Dear Kristy Bentley,
Thank you for your letter about our Go Glow Torch and its non-functional switches. As
per your complaint we are supposed to repair or replace it as per the terms and
conditions provided in the warranty card. We totally agree with the terms and
conditions offered by us.
However, we have found out that the Go Glow Torch purchased by you stands out of
warranty as per our records. We request you to go through the warranty card once
Once you are satisfied with our opinion we are willing to repair it for a fee of $20 if and
when you want to. Our representative will pick up the equipment from your place and
delivers it within 24 hours.
Thanks for being in touch with us. We at Ramble Electronics strive constantly for the
highest quality in our products, a