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Dear Ms. Krist:
I'm delighted that you decided to bring your new Romulus
2XZ CD player to us at Starr-McCartney-Starr Appliance
Repair. We're very proud of our reputation for fast,
efficient service. You did the right thing in bringing your
Romulus 2XZ to us.
When I read your letter, I immediately talked to Bob
McCall, head of our service department, who carried out
the initial inspection on your CD player on June 8.
According to his records, the unit had a damaged
kabobble, a manufacturer's problem. Your unit was still
under manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, Bob shipped
the unit to the manufacturer, Romulus Enterprises, in
Toronto, on June 16 (we have confirmation that the
package arrived the next day).
Yesterday, I contacted Romulus learned they are waiting
for a shipment of high-grade kabobbles, which are
currently on back order. However, I was told this
shipment will be in their warehouse by next week. They
also assured me the repair on your unit will receive top