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Bangladesh Textiles Mills Ltd.
Narayangong, Dhaka
10th Feb. 04
Marketing Manger
Bexi-Clothes Corner
South Plaza,
Ref: Your letter dated 5th Feb. 04.
Dear Sir,
We thank you .for your letter of 5th Feb. 04 along with/ sample of
cloth for examination.
The report that we have received just today shows that the
consignment forwarded to you was the wrong one full of defective
clothes. It was a mistake because of our despatch section and we
regret this mistake which has caused you both embarrassment
and inconvenience. We have already sent the replacement by
passenger train. You can be sure of the quality of cloth now sent.
You can, of course, return the clothes to us and debit our account
for the loss caused to you. We again regret the inconvenience to
you and assure you that such mistakes will be avoided in future.
Yours faithfully

M. Ashraf
Sales Manager
Banagladesh Textile Mills Ltd.