Free adjustment letter 11Free adjustment letter 11Free adjustment letter 11
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48 - The Vale - Sunnytown - Devon - DC4 56JK
7th December.
The Customer Relations Dept
Exotic Destinations
Pacific House
Randolph Way
London W1Y 8QT

Dear Sir,
My husband and I have recently returned from one of your Golden Group
holidays in Tunisia.
We chose this holiday in preference to many others as we were assured both in
the brochure and by your agency staff that this particular package catered for
retired couples like ourselves. We understood that our specially organised
activities would be run by mature friendly hostesses. However on arrival at our
destination we were met by a very youthful rep who very curtly told us that
there were only two other people on the golden group package and that, as a
result, we could join in the activities organised for other groups or fend for
ourselves. Since our tastes do not include hard rock or late-night pub crawls
we asked to be moved to another hotel. We were told that if we did this it would
have to be at our expense. As a result we decid