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Dear Mr Richards,
Thank you for your fax of 5th May 2004.
Further to your comments on Ground Operations, I am pleased to stay that steps
have now been taken to ensure that procedures are being carried out more
In particular:
1. Extra sets of scales have been installed at check-in and all baggage is
weighed and screened.
2. Excess baggage payments are being charged.
3. New cleaning staff have been recruited from a different agency and are
proving to be more satisfactory.
4. Both sets of steps to the aircraft are now being used to ensure ease of
5. Cabin attendants and counter staff have received instructions to allow only
one item of hand baggage onto the aircraft.
6. Finally, I would like to point out that on the day the Chairman made his visit
we were suffering from severe and unexpected staff shortages. I can assure
you that the fifty minute delay was entirely uncharacteristic.
I hope that these measures will answer all your concerns. We look forward to
your ne