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Sunshine Holidays Ltd
119 Sidney Street
London NW2 5CA
Mr Poul Nielsen
233 Sigurdsgade

April 24 th

Dear Mr Nielsen,
Subject: complaint about Mocosa Easter Break holiday
We were very sorry to hear that the holiday on the island of Mocosa, organised by Sunshine Holidays, did not
match your expectations.
Obviously the fact that the flight from Luton was delayed by four hours was regrettable, but certainly not due
to any disorganisation on behalf of Sunshine Holidays. Flight delays are often, sadly, a frustrating part of
flying , and tend to happen with increasing frequency at peak times like the Easter vacation.
The delay is probably the reason why you did not find a Sunshine representative at the airport to meet you. He
had probably accompanied other tourists who had arrived at the airport. However, although this is an
explanation, it is not an excuse, because you absolutely should have been met, and alternative arrangements
should have been made. Sunshine Holidays deep