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Writing Claim and Adjustment
Business Communications

• Explain the guideposts in preparing claim and
adjustment letters

Basic Guides in Preparing Claim Letters
In every business transaction, oversights and
omissions could not be avoided.
Letters making claims should aim to get these
errors rectified as quickly and as satisfactorily as
possible to provide a safeguard against their

Suggestions in Preparing Claim Letters
1. Make certain that you have a good cause
for complaint.
2. State your claim calmly, tactfully, and positively.
3. In simple, routine cases where the responsibility
for the mistake is apparent, claim letters need
to be specific, concise, and courteous
statements of facts.
4. For special claims, longer, more detailed,
and more emphatic letters are required.

Dear Sirs
Our Order no. 1234
Due to failure of your company to deliver on schedule the goods we ordered, we
were unable to complete the shipment on SS Export Helper. If you will