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Sample Action Plan
Year __________

Target : What is the target population for which the desired outcome is intended?
How: How will things get started (e.g. committees, consortiums, contracts, etc)?
What : A clear statement of the behavior changes/results expected.
When : Under what circumstances will the result come about (e.g., by a given date, 'after full implementation of the program', etc.) ?
Action: Move on to defining the tasks associated with each objective
Benchmarks: Use baselines measurements to start, and realistic benchmarks for progress. Not all phases of the program will have baseline data to start with for
hard, quantitative assertions. It is important, however, to adjust goal and objective statements in subsequent years, after baseline and benchmark data
becomes available.
Measures: In what way will you measure the program's progress? (e.g., via surveys, statistics measured against available baseline data)
Reports: You may never need to write a progres