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Qualification Strategy Action Plans
The aim of this document is to set out what ‘action plans’ are and their role within the
development of new and existing qualifications. The document also presents a template that
can be used by Sector Council Advisors.
Why produce ‘Action Plans’?
By now you will have, or should nearly have developed a Qualification Strategy for your sector.
This document will present a picture of the key issues that are impacting on the sector and as a
result of your analysis, set out what your objectives are in response. Some objectives will
relate to specific qualifications that you wish to develop from new or re-develop existing
qualifications. Other objectives may be broader, for example implementing action to attract
young people to the jobs in the sector, or action to produce more accurate labour market
However, whilst the Qualification Strategy may set out the broad intentions, it does not provide
sufficient detail to help identify