Free Action plan template 26Free Action plan template 26Free Action plan template 26
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8-Step Action Plan Template

Step 1:

Identify your overall goal
Clarity is very important here; the more clearly you can visualise/articulate your goal, the
easier it is to plan a route towards it.

Step 2:

Set SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic,
Time bound)
These should:
Be precise
Be expressed in positive language
Start with an action verb to ensure they are focussed on something that can be
achieved (e.g. complete, publish, investigate, propose, revise, plan, install)
Some examples:
Submit x grant applications (to the minimum value of x) to x or y funding bodies by
Publish x research papers in specify referred journals by date
Submit x abstracts for consideration to specify type and / or level of conference by
Continue to update knowledge and understanding in field by attending x workshops
for professional development by date



Step 3:

Identify the individual tasks and order them by priority
Break down any large objectives into sm