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Appendix 12

Action Plan Template
Policy Steps
1. Conduct Assessment:
Ensure sufficient data to establish a
problem that a tobacco-free policy could
2. Build Coalition

3. Set Policy Goals and Create Action Plan

4. Identify and Develop Policy:
Adapt model tobacco-free campus policy
or select other policy option to address
identified tobacco issues
5. Make Your Case: Present data to
demonstrate problem, develop talking
points and issue brief that lays out issue
and policy solution; educate students,
faculty and broader community

6. Initiate Media Advocacy

7. Mobilize Support for Identified Policy from
Individuals and Organizations: Determine
support or opposition to policy

8. Prepare for and Present to Decision Makers:
Get the policy adopted, prepare for hearing
where policy will be debated
9. Implementation, Compliance and
Sustainability: Determine how well the
policy is being implemented and complied
with; build systems to support coalition
action in future
10. Evaluate Po