Free acting resume template 49Free acting resume template 49Free acting resume template 49
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The following examples are provided to help you create your first résumé. There are six
1) actor
2) designer/technician
3) stage manager
4) director
5) playwright
6) first-time résumé for someone just out of high school, combined with a general
theatre résumé covering multiple areas of experience
Length: An actor’s résumé should be a single page in length. When attached to a
headshot, it should be trimmed to 8” x 10”. Résumés for other areas do not need to be
limited to one page.
There are many possible variations in style and format, and each template has a slightly
different approach. Look over all of the samples for formatting ideas, even those that do
not apply to your specific area of interest. You are also encouraged to contact faculty for
advice and feedback on your drafts.
Please note, résumés for graduate schools in theatre, professional theatres, and theatre
internships are different from your typical business résumés. The sample résumés
provided b