Free Grading Rubric Template 36Free Grading Rubric Template 36
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NAME: __________________________________ CLASS: ___


Gets the

Standards & Benchmarks Adressed:

Use Only

Needs Some

Barely Hanging


The student demonstrated understanding
problem solving skills by
exploring several choices;
generating many ideas;
trying new combinations
or by building on ideas;
and or by making
connections to previous

The student tried a few
ideas before selecting
one; or based his or
her work on someone
else's idea; or made
decisions after
referring to one
source; or created their
product in a
logical/unoriginal way.

The student tried in
idea and build on it
briefly but it lacked
originality or work
holds implication of
copied ideas.


The project was continued until it was complete
as the student could
make it; gave it effort far
beyond that required; to
pride in going well
beyond the requirement.

The student worked
hard and completed
the project, but with a
slightly more effort it