Free Grading Rubric Template 27Free Grading Rubric Template 27Free Grading Rubric Template 27
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Denise White
Office of Instruction

•Tests and quizzes that include
constructed-response items?
•Reflective assessments (reflective
journals, think logs, peer response
groups, interviews)?
•Academic prompts with a FAT-P
(audience, format, topic, purpose)
clearly stated?
•Culminating performance assessment
tasks and projects?

A rubric is one authentic
assessment tool which is
designed to simulate real life
activity where students are
engaged in solving real-life

A rubric is a formative type of
assessment because it
becomes an ongoing part of
the whole teaching
and learning

When a rubric is well-defined,
learners know exactly what is
expected of them and how
they can achieve
the top grade.

A rubric is a scoring guide
that enables the teacher to
make reliable judgments
about student work and
allows students to selfassess.

• is based on a continuum of performance
quality, built upon a scale of different
possible score points to be assigned
• identifies t