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Evaluation Rubric for Tessellation Project
Your work will be evaluated from the following rubric. Make sure that you create your own tessellation and that it is an original piece of work.


Hand create a work of
art in the form of a
tessellation using a
traced template.

Below Basic 0-5

Basic 6-14

• Drawing has many gaps
(not a tessellation)
• Poor creativity
• No template

• Drawing has some gaps
and/or spaces
(not a tessellation)
• Minimal creativity
• No template

Proficient 15-19

• Drawing has no gaps
• Drawing has no gaps
• Very obvious creativity
• Some creativity and detail
and detail

Student used at least
11 X 14 sheet of white
Tessellation artwork is of the Tessellation art work is on
Tessellation artwork does not meet
paper or two pieces of
correct size but was done on 11X14 sheet of paper but
minimum size requirements.
plain white taped
colored paper or 8.5X11 paper.
Tessellation is fully
Use of time

No use of color

Minimal use o