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Space Science Innovator Project
Project Due Date: March 2nd, 2015

Name of Scientist: ________________________________________________
This is an independent project where students will research a particular scientist (living or not-living)
that made some sort of contribution to space science. Whether the scientist invented something, made
something better, contributed enormous ideas, or discovered something, we want to know about it!

You have 5 choices for the type of project that you complete.
1. News Article: Write a front-page news story/article about your scientist and explain how he/she
and the invention, discovery, contribution affects your life.
2. Children’s Book: Create a printed children’s book, important details about your famous scientist,
including pictures.
3. Poster: Create a full color poster of your famous scientist including all-important facts.
4. Model: Create a small 3-D (physical) model that represents what your famous scientist achieved,
with a written informat