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Solar System Model Project
For the next few weeks, you will be learning about the solar system. In
order to show what you have learned, I would like for you to create your
own solar system model to display in the classroom or hall. There are no
limits to the project; you can use anything you like! This will be a test grade,
so make sure to do your best.
I encourage you to be creative and show what you have learned. There are
some basic rules for your project:

You must have the Sun and all 8 planets! (You may include Pluto if you
wish. But remember, it isn’t a planet anymore!)
You must include the asteroid belt
The Sun needs to be the biggest object. Try to keep the planets in
proportion. In other words, Earth should not be larger than Jupiter.
All objects must be labeled correctly and where I can easily read it.
The planets should be colored correctly.
You may use anything you like to do the project except for a storebought kit. A coat hanger, a box, dowel rods, Styrofoam