Free Grading Rubric Template 13Free Grading Rubric Template 13Free Grading Rubric Template 13
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Political Cartoon Instructions & Rubric

One 8½ X 11 White non-lined sheet of paper (you must use the full sheet)
Hand drawn (stick figures and “Photoshopped” pictures are not acceptable)
Colored (by color pencils only – no markers, pens, crayons, water colors, etc)
The BACK of the cartoon should have:
a. Title of Cartoon
b. Name
c. Date
d. Class period
5. It does not have to be one “big” drawing. It can be a comic strip format with
multiple panels if you would like
How do I begin to create a political cartoon?
First you must ask yourself, “What is the issue I want to write about?” A good way to
decide is to look over your notes. What issue stands out to you? Meaning, was there
something that shocked you, something that you think is not right, something that seems
hypocritical, something that you think needs change, something that is emotional, etc?
You should write down your statement and then ask yourself “why do I feel this way and
what should be done?”