Free Grading Rubric Template 11Free Grading Rubric Template 11
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Map of the World Project
Due: Thursday, September 22nd

A map is a picture of a place. Different maps show different information. We have learned about three different
types of maps: political, thematic, and physical.
DIRECTIONS: Draw a clear and precise political map of the world. Include and label everything on the Map
of the World Checklist. Your grade will be based on the checklist and The Map of the World Rubric. Your
map can be any size equal to or larger than a standard 8x11 piece of paper (do not use lined paper).
Map of the World Checklist
_____Your map must be a Robinson Projection
_____The seven continents
_____The four major bodies of water
_____The equator
_____The prime meridian
_____ A compass rose
_____ Different colors to represent each continent
_____A key/legend to explain any colors or symbols on your map
You can use the following pages in your history textbook as a guide:
A4, 9, 16-19, 21

Map of the World Rubric
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