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BBL501 Biblical Hermeneutics
14 Week Online Version
Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
Gary T. Meadors, Th.D.
Professor/Facilitator ([email protected])

“Biblical interpretation is not a spectator sport.”
*****Please read/study the Syllabus and Course Schedule carefully before the first week of the
semester and confirm your reading via an email to Dr. Meadors.*****
Hermeneutics is an introduction to the process of investigating the meaning and significance of biblical texts.
The general, special and literary principles of interpreting texts will be investigated through reading, video
lectures, online discussion and research projects. A variety of special issues in hermeneutics will be
considered in your reading program.
Hermeneutics is not just a course; it is an entire discipline with multiple facets. A teacher’s challenge in
setting up this course is not what to include but what to leave out! Such decisions are a constant stress
because of the value of so