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ABC Science Alphabet Book/Project
You will design and complete an alphabet book/project to conclude your 8 th grade year of
Science. This will count as your six weeks test (25% of your six weeks average).
Your completed book will be due on Monday, May 23th. Thirty points (30) will be
deducted from the final book grade if your book is not complete and ready to hand in for
a grade on the assigned due date. I will take three (3) participation grades throughout
the week. These grades will reflect your work ethic and progress as I am giving you all
class time to work on your project.

Book Criteria:
 The interior of your book will have 26 pages (one for each
letter of the alphabet). You may use computer paper, colored
paper, construction paper, large note cards, etc.
 Due to a limited amount of supplies, you are responsible for
bringing the supplies you choose to create your book, other
than white paper.
 Your book will need a front and back cover. The front cover
will need a title and t