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Revised 9/24/09 by Amy D’Andrade
This crib sheet is a guide to the APA style. It is not intended to replace the Publication Manual of
the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. Only selected citations were chosen for
inclusion here. For other examples, see the printed Manual. Use this only as a reference.
Some general rules for APA reference pages:
 Begin the reference list on a new page. The page begins with the word References
(Reference if there is only one), centered in the top, middle of the page, using both upper
and lower case, bold typeface. If the references take up more than one page, do not retype the word References on sequential pages, simply continue your list.
 References cited in text must appear in the reference list; conversely, each entry in the
reference list must be cited in text.
 The first line of the reference is flush left. Lines thereafter are indented as a grou