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Running head: USING APA STYLE


Writing a Successful Paper: Using APA Style
Sparky T. Sundevil
Arizona State University



The second page usually contains your abstract, which is a summary of your paper.
The abstract should include your topic, purpose/thesis, sources, and conclusions.
Some instructors may tell you not to include an abstract for a short paper. Unless the
instructor tells you to omit this section, go ahead and include it. The abstract generally
ranges from 150 to 250 words, based on instructor or journal requirements (make sure
you do not exceed abstract word limits). The abstract is one paragraph, left justified,
with no indentation (i.e., “block” style). Note that the title “Abstract” is on the first line of
this page and is not bolded or italicized or underlined. See APA manual section 2.04 to
read about the abstract. Also note that the running head is at the top of the page along
with the page number – noting how the running head change