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Lesson Name: Percent Applications

Estimated timeframe: 50 minutes

Lesson Components
Lesson Objectives: Students will estimate and find solutions to real-world problems involving percents
with models.
Language Objectives: Students will explain how find solutions to application problems involving percent
using the academic vocabulary, such as, percent, percent bar, ratio table, proportion, whole, part,
discount, tax, tip.
• I need _____ and _____ to set up my percent bar.
• I can use my ___________ to set up a ________ to solve the problem.
• Helpful benchmark percents are _______.
• To get 10%, I ____________.
Prior Learning: Students have learned to convert decimals, percents, and fractions in CRM 2
Standards(Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills):
6.5B Solve real-world problems to find the whole given a part and the percent, to find the part given
the whole and the percent, and to find the percent given the part and the whole, including the use of
concrete and pictorial models.