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Exit/Entry/Tweet Slips
Reading and Learning Strategy
After Reading Strategy

Exit/Tweet Slips
Purpose of teaching Exit Slips:
The Exit/Entry Slip strategy (Fisher & Frey 2004) helps students summarise and reflect on
information learned. Exit slips give students an opportunity to review keys ideas, consider
essential details and summarise their thinking. Students respond to a teacher question that
focuses on the learning target of the lesson. Exit slip questions can also focus on the process of
learning or on the effectiveness of a teaching methodology. Student responses to these question
also allows the teacher to plan for the next lesson as the responses give an informal measure of
each students’ understanding of the lesson or concept.
Explicitly teaching the use of exit slips:
Step 1
A few minutes before the end (or beginning) of a lesson ask students to respond to a
question/prompt that you pose to the class related to the day’s lesson concept or