Free Essay Outline Template 32Free Essay Outline Template 32
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Persuasive Essay Format
*Immediately engage reader (attention getter)
 get the reader “in the ballpark”
*Establish context (topic of essay)
 usually 2-3 sentences narrowing down to the point of
the paper
 cite your source with title and author (if using one
*Strong & complete thesis statement
*Begin paragraphs with a clear, concise topic sentence
 *Use concrete details (CD)
 these include facts or quotes
 cite sources when necessary (simplified: such as
author’s last name & pg #)
 *Create insightful commentary to support concrete
details (2-3 comments per CD)
 shoot for at least 2 CD per paragraph (+ commentary)
*Address a counter argument
 include a rebuttal defending your thesis (which includes
CD and commentary)
*Transition into summary of key points
*Restate thesis (say it another way!)
*Refer back to the attention getter and tie things up
*Answer “So what?”
 Leave reader feeling persuaded or at least challenged
 This personal comment can