Free Essay Outline Template 19Free Essay Outline Template 19
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Argumentative Essay Format
1. The Introduction
This is where the students explain why they chose their topic and what they aim to achieve. Write down
how you ended up choosing this topic and elaborate on why it is important to discuss it. Start by
explaining how your topic can benefit the reader. Also, mention the methods you used in gathering and
analyzing your data.

2. Supporting Your Argument
This is where you explain why you believe what you are defending your essay. This includes other
elements, such as:



Direct Quotations

Personal Take

Using this information, you must be able to prove, without a doubt – or at least with little doubt – that
your argument has merit.

3. Expecting a Refutation
Of course, an argumentative essay needs to have something to argue with. Although it may seem like
you are contradicting yourself, you are actually pointing out what other sources are claiming against you
and defending your points using your supporting secti