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Concept Maps
Concept maps are spider web-like diagrams used to organize information about a concept or topic in an hierarchical
manner. The concept or topic is written in the center or top of the map and related words or phrases are written on rays
extending from the topic. Concept maps also go by the name of clusters and webs.

Concept maps are used to organize information either during or after learning has occurred. They are often used to
visually depict connections in a unit of study or across curriculum. In writing, concept maps are often used to organize
ideas before beginning to write. In a unit of study that extends for a long duration of time, concept maps can be used for
note-taking as the connections unfold. For this situation, the teacher may want to provide the map as a graphic
organizer and students complete the information as it is learned.

Connection to Inquiry and Standards:
Students process what is learned during and after a unit of study and sele