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Sweat Chloride levels elevated.
Fecal fat elevated.
Tryps in in stool decreased. Chest
X-ray shows atelectassis,
infiltrations, and
em phys em ic changes .

25 pounds (5th percentile).
32 inches (50th percentile).
Tem p - 99.6, Puls e - 100
Resp - 26.
Productive cough with thick , yellow-green sputum .
Protruding abdom en.
Large, foul s melling stools .

diagnos tic

assessm ent
data supports
these nursing

res ults of
s tudies support

physical exam
m eas urements

Constantly hungry yet
underweight for age.
Eats full m eals and
s nacks between m eals .



pas t history

Kaitlyn has a cold, has
lasted for 2 weeks and
has not
gotten better.

Ineffective airway
clearance r/t
production of
thick m ucus .


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Outcom e m et:
Respirations < 22/m in. Breath sounds im proved. Tolerating chest PT. Expectorating yellow thick m ucous .Adm i n i s t e r p e r