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The nurs e in the c ollege clinic prov ides
Austin, a 19 y ear-old c ollege student, with
inf ormation at the health f air
about HIV prev ention and treatm ent af ter he
shares his concern about “catching AIDS”.

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th e nurse educates
Austin on the
Sources of

Modes o f

Transmiss ion

In fectio n

Clin ical

Man ifestatio n s
HIV is p rog res siv e
Acute p h ase
1-3 weeks after
initial infection

P reven tio n
Strateg ies

In flu en za-like s ymp to ms
develop: fever
so re th roat
head ache
n ausea

P hases of HIV

th e best preventio n

Educatio n

safe life sty le
in clu de

red u cin g risk

Early Chro n ic

CD4 T cell cou n t > 50 0 mm3 .
Generally asympto matic, may have
lo w grade fev er, nig ht s weats,
h eadache, fatig ue.

ch ro nic p h ase
divid ed into

n ormal CD 4 T cell count
8 00 -1 20 0 mm3

Ab stainin

b stainin g fro
m u se
o f IV
d rug