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Felix Varela Sr. High School

Community Service Project Proposal
Student’s Name
Grade Level

Title of Project

Project Starting Date
1. Students must complete volunteer hours for school clubs, non-profit organizations, or
government agencies only.
2. Complete the Proposal for in ink and sign it. Print clearly or type. Attach additional
page(s), as needed.
3. Have the Proposal form signed by a parent or guardian.
4. Submit the Proposal for approval and signature. All students submit the form to the
appropriate counselor.
Project Description – What is your project? Be specific about what you will do.

Need – why is this project needed? For whom will it be valuable?

Final Results – What do you hope to accomplish as a result of your work?

I have reviewed my son/daughter’s Community Service Project Proposal and Activity Log Form
and understand that a community service project must be completed in order to meet graduation
requirements for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.