Free college rejection letter 23
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[Title] [Firstname] [Lastname]
[Street Address]
[Region] [Postal Code]
Dear [Title] [Lastname],
This is in regard to your application to the [degree] program in [graduate
program name]. We regret that we cannot offer you admission to this
Every year, we receive a large number of applications from extremely well
qualified candidates. We are able to accept only a few because of the
significant amount of time our faculty members spend with each graduate
student. We make our admissions decisions only after reviewing each
application very carefully. The primary reason(s) for which your application
was unsuccessful are noted below:
[cut and paste the following as applicable]
Each application is considered in relation to other applications in the
same area and only the very top applicants are admitted. Your
application, considered as a whole, was not as strong as some of the
others we received.

Your application was very interesting and had several strengths.
However, we have