Free college rejection letter 30Free college rejection letter 30
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Dear Applicant,
All indications are that you will do very well in a graduate program
in Science. Your academic record shows that you have worked
hard for many years, did well in a range of difficult classes, and
acquired the research experience that is essential preparation for
graduate studies in Science. Your personal statement was wellwritten and focused, your grades are excellent, your GRE scores
are very high, and it is clear that your reference letter writers are
impressed with your intellectual abilities, motivation, and maturity.
You have clearly met or exceeded all of our criteria for acceptance
to the graduate program in Science at Major Research University.
We regret that we cannot offer you admission to the Department
of Science this year.
Why can't we accept you, and all other qualified applicants? We
can't owing to factors that have nothing to do with the quality of an
applicant's academic record. For example, we have to consider
how many graduate students are interested