Free college rejection letter 26Free college rejection letter 26Free college rejection letter 26
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Dear Applicant,
The Admissions Committee has carefully considered your
application and we regret to inform you that we will not be able
to offer you admission in the entering class, or a position on one
of our alternate lists. The applicant pool this year was
particularly strong, and by that I mean the Admissions
Committee once again sent candidates like you multiple enticing
pamphlets encouraging you to apply, knowing full well we had
no intention of accepting you.
However, you will be pleased to know that you have contributed
to our declining admissions rate, which has helped our
university appear exclusive. This allows us to attract our real
candidates: upper-class kids and certified geniuses who will
glean no new information from our courses or faculty, whose
parents can incentivize us with a new swimming pool or lacrosse
As a reminder, we don’t aspire to be a socially exclusive
learning environment. In fact, we have chosen to actively pursue
a more diverse campus and welc