Free college rejection letter 22
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[Title] [Firstname] [Lastname]
[Street Address]
[Region] [Postal Code]
Dear [Title] [Lastname],
We regret that we are not able to offer you admission to
the [graduate program name] program. As you probably
know, we look at each application a whole. Admissions
decisions are based on a composite of information
including your previous academic performance, comments
from referees, relevant professional activities, proposed
research statements, and GRE scores.
Your application file was considered in detail by me and by
the faculty members in your area of interest. The number
of applications we received far exceeded the number of
students we are able to accept, and so we had to make
very difficult admissions decisions. Each application is
considered in relation to other applications in the same
area and only the very top applicants are admitted. Your
application, considered as a whole, was not as strong as
some of the others we received.
Although I must regretfully send you an unfavor