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Dear [name],
The Committee on Admissions has
completed its review of applicants to the
Class of 2017 at Georgetown University.
Following a careful consideration of your
application, I am sorry to inform you that
it will not be possible to offer you a place
in the first-year class.
Admissions Committees considered over
20,000 candidates for an entering class
of 1,580 first-year students. As a result of
this high level of competition, only 16%
of the many well-qualified candidates
were offered admission. Please be
assured that the faculty, staff and student
members of the Admissions Committee
thoroughly reviewed the credentials and
recommendations submitted with your
application and were disappointed that
you could not be included among the
admitted class.
The interest you have shown in
Georgetown is deeply appreciated. We

wish you every success with your further
Charles A. Deacon
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions