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Dear [name],
Thank you for your application for admission to
Virginia Tech. Members of the Admissions
Committee have carefully reviewed your
application and we regret that the university
cannot offer you a place in the 2013 freshman
class. This decision is not a dismissal of your
academic ability or promise, but a reflection of the
keen competition among the applicants for the
limited space in our freshman class.
In reviewing your application, we considered the
strength of your academic curriculum,
performance in the courses selected and
standardized test scores, as well as other
supporting information that may have been
included. The selection process for the Class of
2017 has been the most competitive ever. More
than 19,000 applicants competed for 5,300
freshman seats.
Since you have a strong desire to attend Virginia
Tech, you may wish to consider applying as a
transfer student after you have successfully
completed one or more years at a community
college or other acc