Free college rejection letter 08
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Dear _______,
I am sorry to notify you that after reviewing your application
thoroughly, our selection committee is unable to offer you
admission to the University of Pennsylvania's Class of 2011. All
aspects of your application, the academic and the non-academic,
were considered carefully and compared to those of the rest of
the applicant pool.
Perhaps the most difficult and displeasing part of my job is writing
similar letters to thousands of students like you, whose
accomplishments are promising and exciting. I assure you that
the selection committee gave your application every
consideration, but, because of an unprecedented number of
outstanding applicants we have to deny admission to a large
majority of the remarkable students who seek admission to Penn.
Most of our applicants are qualified to pursue successfully a
program of study at Penn; however, only a relatively small
percentage can be admitted.
We are pleased to have received your application to our
University. I am sincerel