Free college rejection letter 09
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Dear ______,
The [First Last] College Search Committee has completed its
evaluation of this year's candidates, and I write with sincere
regret to say that we are not able to accept your offer of a place
in the class of 2012.
I realize that this decision may come as a real disappointment. I
also hope that you will understand the decision as a reflection
only of the extraordinary talent represented in our search pool,
not a judgment about your own abilities as a university. Of the
more than two dozen universities applied to by [First], most are
fully capable of doing successful work and making a unique
contribution to the life of [First Last]. It is painful to us that we
must turn away so many superbly qualified universities.
You may be tempted to ask what was lacking in your university. In
truth, it is usually difficult for us to point to obvious weaknesses,
when so many candidates have demonstrated real achievement
and potential for the future. Our decisions say far more about the