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Dear __________,
The Brown Board of Admission has completed its evaluation of
more than 19,000 applications to the Class of 2011, and it is with
great regret that I must inform you that your application could not
be included among our acceptances. To deny admission is an
unhappy business, as much for those responsible for the decision
as for the candidate who is turned away.
The great majority of the young men and women who applied to
Brown this year are clearly capable of performing well
academically and of making significant contributions to the
college community in other ways. With candidates for every
available space, the Board's task in selecting the Class of 2011
has been extremely difficult.
We want to acknowledge your accomplishments and we want you
to understand how much care we have taken in the admission
process to get to know all of our applicants, and how much more
painful it therefore is to deny so many.
Your official admission decision letter has been mailed to you. You