Free Case Study Template 49Free Case Study Template 49
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A. Purpose (What do you intend to do?)
B. Problem (What is at issue? So what?)
C. Procedure (What steps will you take to redress the "problem"?/ to fulfill your
I. Case Summary
A. The Situation (Describe the key features and facts of the case.)
B. Dilemma and Stated Options
II. Central Concern(s) and Character(s)
A. Concern(s)
B. Character(s) (Identify the moral agent of the case.)

Ambiguities, Assumptions, and Inferred Insight
A. Ambiguity #1/ Assumption/ Inferred Insight
B. Ambiguity #2/ Assumption/ Inferred Insight
C. (etc., etc.)

IV. Considerations
A. Obligations (Identify, define, and discuss specific duties, especially who is involved)
1. fidelity
2. gratitude
3. beneficence
4. fairness
5. self-improvement 6. non-injury
7. productivity
8. profitability
9. etc.
10. etc.

B. Ideals (Identify and discuss specific "ideal-values" who it is who should so act.)
1. life
2. goodness
a. promote
b. resist