Free Case Study Template 43Free Case Study Template 43Free Case Study Template 43
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What is a case study?
A case study is an individual’s story. It tells the reader how Save the
Children’s work has made a difference in the life of a child or his/her
1. Background: Please provide basic information about the interviewee(s).
Name(s), gender, age:
Mama Amina a Female aged 25 years
Location – village/town,
Mama Amina is a resident of Arbanqeramso
district/province and
location of wajir east constituency in Wajir
County Northern Kenya.
Keywords – themes:
2. Summary: Please describe the interviewee’s day-to-day life and
Amina hails from a very insolvent family which has put them in an abject
situation and the kind of life they are living can’t be compared to that of
their neighbours since they never owned a source of wealth. She came to
settle in Arbaqheramso in 2011 during the prolonged Horn of Africa
drought that swept away their livestock. Her husband is a small scale
herder and most of the t