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Case Study Template
Name of company

Wragge & Co LLP

Contact for enquiries

Nicola Mumford
[email protected]

A brief summary of the issue identified by your
organisation, the actions taken to try to resolve
the issue and the final results.

Nearly 60% of Wragge & Co's fee
earners are female, and yet only 17%
are partners. A project has been
undertaken to achieve a more equal
gender-balanced partnership. The
project is ongoing.

Issue to be resolved
Outline what the issue was and how the issue
was identified. For example did the results of a
staff survey reveal staff concerns about equality
of opportunity and the position and or promotion
of women in the workplace, or did a pay
audit/review reveal any gender pay gaps.

This imbalance has to change.
Research into this area has shown that
organisations with a more equal
gender-balanced management
outperform those without.

The above issues are purely examples and not
prescriptive. For more examples of recent c