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PebbleBash 2014: Personalising the Curriculum
Case Study Template
This case study template is designed to guide rather than constrain your submission. Please
feel free to deviate within the recommended fields; or to add your own. However, when the
case studies are evaluated for acceptance the broad criteria will be:
 relevance to one or more of the conference themes;
 in practice example of the use of PebblePad in curriculum design, supported by sample
 learning generated which has utility for others.

Case study title
Provide a descriptive title for your case study

Provide author names and affiliations

The institution
At which institution(s) did this take place?

The faculty, school or department
Was this located in a particular school, across the institution or beyond it?

Chosen theme(s)
Identify the conference theme(s) that your case study relates to, with reference to the list on the website

In this section you sh