Free Case Study Template 36
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The NSDI Proven practices/lessons learned/case study template
[ Title]
[ Author/organization ]
(If this application/study already exists on the web, let the FGDC know the URL and we
will either link to it or mine the required information.)
Description of Application: [List a few key words that will characterize the
scope and content of this study] Describe in not more than 300 words the real
world application using language that will be readily understood by the lay
reader. Use subtitles to break it up. Is the application mandatory as a result of
government legislation? (Note: as a guide the number of words before this note is
approximately 60 words). Note: This section of the case study is mandatory
Benefits: List up to a maximum of four benefits (as bullet points) in order of
greatest benefit first. i.e. list in descending order. The benefits to be those to the
Society rather than to the efficiency of the organization Note : This section of the
case study is mandatory
Issues: List th