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Case Study Template - Summary
We want to build a library of good quality case studies covering a wide range of topics.
To avoid duplication of effort and to save you time, if you have a case study that you would like to
share, please complete this template and e-mail it to: [email protected]
The process:
1. Complete this case study template.
2. e-mail the template to [email protected]
3. We will check to make sure that this case study has not already been published and will be
useful to our website users.
4. When we have completed looking into your case study summary we will get back to you and
ask for the full details.
5. If we discover that your case study topic has already been covered, we can advise you
6. If you have any questions, please contact Nick Payne on 01822 813693
Author contact details
A brief summary of the problem, the actions taken to
try to resolve the issue and the final results.
(75 word